Wheelchair Racks

If you or someone you love is in a wheelchair, you understand how hard it can be to get the chair from one location to the next. Wheelchair racks make the job of transporting your chair a little easier. These racks are mounted on the rear of a vehicle, like a bicycle rack. Some racks have special set ups that are mounted on the trunk of a car, or van. These are mostly used for folding wheelchairs, or electric scooter wheelchairs. It has been only in recent years that wheelchair racks have been a means of transporting wheelchairs.

Another type of rack manufactured for electric wheelchairs use a hydraulic platform that raises the platform up and down on the back of a vehicle. This is even more convenient for the owner of the wheelchair. Electric scooter racks are not much larger than an electric wheelchair rack; both types have just enough room to fit the chair or the scooter onto the lift themselves. Whereas, an electric wheelchair is simply a chair mounted on top of the electric propulsion system. The scooter is a system that use handlebars for maneuvering.

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There is a type of ramp that is not considered as a rack, but more of a way to maneuver the scooter into a small van. This is called a solid ramp.

Another type of wheelchair rack is more like a large lift and is usually seen on the side of vans where the owner of the chair can stay seated while someone lowers the lift to the ground. These are manufactured for the more serious handicap patients.

With all the types of wheelchair racks and lifts that are available today, handicapped people are no longer restricted to staying at home. They can carry on quite a normal life, using the wheelchairs and their wheelchair racks to go shopping, to go to work, or go to flea markets and family outings, and to even to pay bills.

If you are interested in obtaining a wheelchair rack in the near future, you can do a search on the internet, and you can find many websites that offer all types of wheelchair accessories. Some of these websites may even offer a discount if you purchase wheelchair items from their site. So try the internet before you visit a local medical supply.